The Researchers

Our sponsors and collaborators come from (almost) all over the world:

Ian Allan and Luca Nizzetto (Norwegian Water Research Institute, Norway) are both environmental scientists working on contaminants distribution and fate all over the world, from the Norwegian fjords, to Philippines, Colombia and across Europe. They have broad experience in ship-based measurements, with the Ships of opportunity program. Together with Branislav from Recetox, Ian and Luca equip our boat with passive samplers for measuring contaminants along our route.

Branislav Vrana (Recetox, Czech Republic) is a specialist in persistant organic pollutant analysis, and is our correspondant in at Masaryk University for the analysis of water and air samples.

Marcus Eriksen (5 Gyres Institute, USA) is the co-founder and director of the 5 Gyres Institute where he studies marine litter all around the world, and will provide us with there custom made manta trawl for sampling microplastics.

Daniel Zitterbart (Alfred Wegener Institut, Germany) studies whales and penguins in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, and will install an underwater autonomous acoustic device to detect and identify whales and dolphins, and measure sound pollution.

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  • Salut à Florian et Marc,
    Bravo pour ce départ, cette expédition, ce tour de force depuis St-Malo,
    Bon vent,bon quart,

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