The Project

The threats to our Oceans are numerous – from overfishing to climate change, through oil drilling and contaminant seep from the lands, and the unseen microscopic garbage drifting all across the sea. To understand these threats, organising official research missions is essential, but it is also long and expensive: there is simply too much ocean to cover for scientific ships alone.

Meanwhile, the Oceans are full of independent sailors who explore its most remote corners. Sailing ships are silent and clean: compared to heavy engine-powered oceanographic ships, they have almost no environmental impact. And sailors are an enthusiastic community in love with the Oceans. Every sailor can help understanding the seas.

With the help of expert international scientists, we will sail around the world, and test methods to measure chemical pollution, sample microplastic garbage, and measure the abundance of endangered wildlife – such as whales, using underwater sound analysis. Our expedition will show how easy-to-use and low impact methods can be integrated in essential scientific research.

Together we will develop easy, plug-and-play methods so that more sailboats can take up the job after us, and contribute in gathering open knowledge about the oceans in the future.

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