The Sailors

The crew consists of five members, all environmentalists and all of them in love with the big blue:

Robin Cristofari is a marine biologist with broad experience in field marine ecology, genomics, and laboratory and bioinformatic data analysis. Writer and photographer on his spare time.

Norith Eckbo is an ecotoxicologist, nature manager and science communicator. She studies the effects of contaminants in seabirds of the polar regions.

Jean-Christophe Gairard is a pharmacist and professional violinist, and has a large experience with laboratory analysis, biochemistry, and traditional music.

Florian Maury is a first-class officer in the Merchant Navy with long sailing experience, including on transoceanic old rigging sailboats expeditions.

Marc Danger is a teacher and shipmaster with lifelong experience of teaching and bringing teenagers in contact with nature, and decades of sailing.

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